An ESG strategy supporting sustainable transformation

Our ambition: to play an active role in the sustainable transformation of companies

Since its creation, RAISE has naturally placed environmental, social and governance criteria at the heart of its DNA, as levers for action to encourage the emergence of more responsible organizations, mindful of ecological issues and transparent with their stakeholders.

RAISE therefore defines a strategy that commits it to measuring its action on its portfolio companies and supporting them in their trajectory of change.

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Energy and Climate Law 2023 report

Responsible Investment Charter

Our commitment: to put ESG at the heart of RAISE’s value proposition


Article 29 - Energy and Climate Law 2023

Responsible Investor Charter

Article 10 SFDR RAISE Impact

Article 10 SFDR RAISE Invest

Article 10 SFDR RAISE Ventures

Article 10 SFDR RAISE Seed for Good

Together let's build a responsible and sustainable economy

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